I am a Senior Research Scientist in the Workflow Systems Group (WSG) in the Computer Science and Mathematics Division (CSMD) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). I also serve as an Associate Editor for the Future Generation Computer Systems (FGCS) journal.

My area of expertise covers various research topics in Computer Science, such as High Performance Computing, scheduling, data management, scientific workflows, and large scale distributed systems.

Scientific collaborations, in various domains, will face a tremendous increase of their computing and storage needs over the next decade to achieve new scientific breakthroughs. This calls for a revision of computing models, data models, and how infrastructures are designed. However, relying solely on empirical knowledge acquired at a smaller scale is usually not sufficient.

Therefore, in my work, I strive to engaging in deep partnerships with scientific communities, and developing faithful simulation-based models of distributed systems and scientific workflows, to provide them with objective performance indicators and guide the future evolutions of their computational needs. To this end, I am involved in the development of the SimGrid and WRENCH simulation frameworks. Both tools allow their users to develop simulators of distributed applications targeting distributed platforms, which can in turn be used to prototype, evaluate and compare relevant platform configurations, system designs, and algorithmic approaches. For the last 20 years SimGrid has supported the research in hundreds of scientific publications.

Research Software Projects

SimGrid 600+ Research articles using SimGrid
WRENCH 80+ Citations
ADIOS 15+ Supported applications

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